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Optional Two Factor Authentication

Your account now offers optional Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. Two factor authentication adds a second step when you...

Direct Mail

What If I Have A Problem?

Use our online chat to talk to someone instantly, Email us or call the Stannp Team on 1-888-321-2148. 

Transactional Mail

Broadly speaking Transactional Mail is any mailing that is sent to a customer with details of their specific transactions, i.e. their financial...


Is Environmentally Friendly?

We operate multiple production facilities in the US, Canada and UK ensuring that mail does not need to be flown to destinations and can be produced...

Holidays are coming…

The holidays are a perfect time to build relationships with your customers, and thank them for using your services over the last year..

Seasonality Of Direct Mail

Have you ever thought about how the time of year affects your Direct Mail campaigns? Seasonality is an important consideration in your Direct Mail..


Guide: Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns

Triggered based campaigns are a way to automate sending out your direct mail. Compared to standard bulk mail campaigns triggered campaigns can...


Guide: Create and Book API Campaigns

Do you want to automate creating and booking bulk campaigns? Here is our step by step guide to which API requests to use. This guide assumes you have...