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Using Templates; Easy Campaign Design

Creating your campaigns with is simple, and we are always looking for ways to make it easier and quicker for our customers to create their...


Guide: How To Use Webhooks

Webhooks Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events that happen within the Stannp Direct Mail platform. We will send a HTTP POST request to the...


Using InDesign With Stannp

The team at Stannp like to help our customers wherever we can. We’ve recently had a number of queries about using Adobe InDesign with the Stannp...


How To Brief A Designer

One of the keys to a successful direct mail campaign is a strong creative design, therefore it is important to produce an effective design brief to...


The Glossary Of Direct Mail

Here at we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to create and manage their campaigns, and we know that it’s very easy to...


Rolling Mail Campaigns

Rolling Mail Campaigns, also known as Triggered Campaigns, are a great way to produce highly relevant, timely, automated mailings for your customers,...


How To Data Mine Your Users

Picture this: you're a digital marketer tasked with meeting a tight ROI target. With multiple channels activated, your boss is keeping a close eye,...


Effective Direct Mail Design

If you’re reading this you probably already understand the benefits of Direct Mail, and are ready to create a campaign. Our guide to Effective Direct...