Personalised Mail Boosts ROI for The Angel At Hetton Hotel



The objective of the campaign was to advertise a special offer to past customers through a direct mail postcard campaign. The offer entailed a 3-night package available in January, February and March.

The hotel supplied a database of 2,700 contacts, which cleaned and verified using its free internal algorithms. dispatched A5 duplex colour postcards printed on 300gsm paper.

The campaign was dispatched on 1st November and reached recipients' doorsteps within two working days. 


2,700 cards @ 41p = £1,107 + VAT

Campaign break even = 4 sales


Sales achieved = 57 sales

Total Revenue =  £24,000+

Client Comments:

“The response has been so good that we have run the same campaign to a further 2500 contacts whose last stay was 2011 – 2013 and we have reached 57 sales which should gross £24,000 less the cost of sending the offer plus give-aways within the offer. I am absolutely delighted and will certainly be using again, especially for Christmas menu’s”

Pascal Watkins

The Angel at Hetton

Download the full Case Study on the link below:


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